The Defining Traits of a Luxurious Home

When you think of a home that could be labelled luxurious, certain characteristics will spring to mind. You might picture a Beverly Hills mansion or an opulent home on the beach at Malibu. Or you might remember the magnificent homes you knew as a child growing up, a place you always wanted to live in. Whatever you have in mind, it’s true that luxury homes have definite traits in common.

These homes are usually located in a special part of the city, in a nice area with wide avenues and spacious green lawns. They are usually in a low crime area and might be located on the beach, a pretty lake or next to an expansive park. Rarely are these homes mixed in with other houses that are less distinctive.

Another characteristic of luxury homes is that they are filled with high-end finishes. This might include marble or quartz countertops, attractive tile flooring, beautiful French doors, dazzling chandeliers and sparkling light fixtures, extravagant appliances and spacious bathrooms. Even the lesser items like plumbing fittings, cabinet handles and doors are of top quality. Wherever you look in one of these homes you will find premium flourishes such as arched entryways, balconies and elegant fireplaces.

Another common thread in these homes is that they are capacious. They might go on and on. Each room is large and open. The ceilings are typically no shorter than twelve feet, and often much higher. Bathrooms can be sprawling and contain stunning walk-in tile showers and gigantic bathtubs. The bedrooms will be large enough to get lost in, while the kitchens contain islands and copious space to cook in. There might even be rooms for servants.

Luxury homes are a category that you know when you see it. If you decide to build one of these homes for your family, it can be a place that you all can enjoy for a long time.