What Types of Spaces Can You Create With Home Additions?

Spacious homes aren’t just wonderful because they give you more room to store things. More space equals more comfort. With a larger home, you feel more relaxed and happier. Your kids have plenty of room to play and you have extra privacy for putting your feet up. What if your family has outgrown the size of your current home? Home additions are an amazing solution.


A covered patio, enclosed sunroom or similar type of addition are popular choices for modern homes. These are cozy spaces with endless possibilities. You can put in a fireplace for cuddling with your special someone on winter days. A bay window with a reading nook is great for people who like to have some quiet time, especially if you have a beautiful garden with hummingbirds. All in all, sunrooms are some of the most relaxing places in the home.

Home Theaters

Is spending time together as a family watching a movie one of your favorite ways to relax? Do you love inviting friends over for dinner and a movie? If the answer is yes, a home theater or entertainment space is an incredible idea for a home expansion. Contractors know how to create the perfect layout to maximize sound quality, lighting and comfort. They can also handle complex installations, such as recessed walls for a huge LED TV and your complete surround sound system.

Home Office

If you’re tired of trying to get work done in a spare bedroom that is too snug for comfort, it may be time to design your own luxurious home office. With some smart planning, contractors may even be able to turn an existing basement that’s not being used into something absolutely phenomenal for work from home.

These home additions add a lot to your home’s value. They provide more space while letting you keep the beautiful memories your family has made together over the years.