Style and Materials Key Reroofing Considerations

If your roof has been around a while, leaks and other issues may be right around the corner. If reroofing has become a priority for your next exterior remodeling job, planning ahead and choosing the right styles and materials is key to enhancing your home.

Flat Roofs: Versatile and Affordable

If living in an area with minimal rainfall, a flat roof is a simple, sleek option that is budget-friendly. When going with this type of roof, it is essential to ensure that modern, waterproof materials are -incorporated to prevent leaks. The most common systems include built-up, single-ply and sprayed polyurethane foam. The first two have been around the longest. A built-up roof features layers of materials, including roofing felt and modified asphalt or fiberglass asphalt. Single-ply relies on the properties of plastic or rubber polymer membranes. A sprayed roof is the latest trend that uses new innovations. Since it sprays on, exterior remodeling is easier since it can be used over existing materials and different shapes.

Asphalt Shingles: Durable and Endless Options

If looking for inspiration, you don’t need to go far to see the many options that asphalt shingles offer. While they may be a common roofing option, they are available in many materials and styles that provide a custom look at affordable prices. Three popular materials include organic, composition and fiberglass. While they all are designed to protect, fiberglass provides additional fire and moisture resistance and weighs less. After narrowing down the right material, the next step is choosing the perfect style for your needs. If going for a more architectural aesthetic, laminated shingles have multiple layers that give roofs a unique look. Strip and interlocking shingles are built to handle wind and can be installed by a professional in different patterns.

When it comes to exterior remodeling, the roof is a major element that not only protects everything under it but also adds style and charm. Working with a professional makes it easier to choose the right materials and styles to ensure your project lasts and adds to the structure’s appeal.