What to Ask a Home Renovation Contractor

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It’s about time to get that kitchen project done. You’ve been planning it for years, but only now do you have the money to hire an expert. Where do you start? Choosing a contractor can seem daunting. What follows are some questions to help narrow down the field of possible home renovation contractors.


Are You Licensed?

This seems like a no-brainer; however, you would be surprised about the number of unlicensed contractors. They don’t bring it up if you don’t ask. If they offer you a license number, don’t stop there. Check it out with the state licensing board to make sure it’s still valid.


What Else Have You Done?

This is an interview. You’re in charge of choosing the best home renovation contractor for your project. Ask to see samples of their work. They should be only too happy to provide you with pictures and references. Call the references.


What Do People Say about You?

Do some further research online to see if any customers have posted about their experiences. Pay close attention to the negative reviews. Sometimes people like to be negative. The job might have been done well, but perhaps it took them an extra three days. That shouldn’t be a deal breaker, and typically contractors will let you know in advance if a job is going to be delayed in any way.


Can You Work with My Budget?

Listen to the answer very carefully. A reputable contractor will always tell you that things come up in the course of renovation that can’t be anticipated. They will urge you to have a bit of money held back in reserve just in case. This doesn’t mean you will have to use it. If one contractor tells you they can stick to a budget that five others have said is too little for the scope of work, they are misleading you.


Many home renovation contractors are reputable. Just be cautious to do your home, interview a few before choosing one, and above all else, trust your gut. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.