Across the nation, efforts are being made to incorporate green methods as much as possible. Going green has immense benefits on the environment, as well as on the economy. New construction methods of going green have also gained popularity lately as another way of being more mindful of a business’s impact on the environment.

Being Bird-Friendly

One often overlooked impact of construction is the effect on the bird population. Hundreds of millions of birds die each year due to non-bird-friendly building designs. Construction companies should consider the type of glass they use for buildings, and the direction the windows are facing, because birds have poor depth perception and often collide with windows. Why does this matter? Because in addition to their beauty and natural place in the world, birds help the environment by controlling the population of insects and dispersing seeds.

Utilizing Solar Power

A common new construction method is using power produced by solar energy. Solar energy is a renewable resource as well as the globe’s largest energy source. Buildings can be designed using mirrors and lenses to concentrate light and ultimately produce electricity. Solar energy can also be used to heat and cool. Solar panels can be added to a building to convert sunlight into usable energy.

Interior Methods

New interior construction methods are available as well. These methods include using insulation, air sealing, and various lighting strategies. Insulation with high R-values can reduce mold problems and make a building much more energy efficient. Air sealing also makes a building energy efficient. Designing a building to maximize daylight can save a company large amounts of money and have a positive effect on the environment.

Utilizing new construction methods to reduce environmental impacts is a very important cause. Many methods are low-cost and simply involve a little bit of strategic thinking. It may not seem like much, but these methods can have huge environmental benefits.