Storm doors add an extra layer of strength and protection to your home. Before technicians arrive for your professional storm door installation, however, you must choose the door that meets your needs and works best for your home.

Full View vs. Partial View
The first thing you must decide is how much of your door you want to be able to see through. Full view doors are glass all the way down, giving you an unobstructed view to the outside. Partial view doors give you a little more privacy by blocking part of the door with the material you choose. Balancing these two needs can help you choose the door that works best.

External Screen vs. Retractable Screen
Being able to look through the door to see your yard may not be the only versatility you want your storm door to have. Storm door installation that includes a retractable screen is ideal for partial view doors. You can create air flow without letting bugs in just by pulling the screen down before opening the window. You can still have retractable screens in full view doors, but sometimes the frame obstructs the view. To avoid this, you can have an external screen that you pop in place to achieve the desired effect.

Regular vs. Sun-Blocking Glass
All door glass needs to be able to withstand the elements. The standard glass used in storm doors is durable and cost-effective. For a slightly higher initial cost, however, you can have sun-blocking glass that shields your home from UV rays. Not only does this choice prevent fading on the surfaces the light touches but it also can help you save on your energy bills by blocking some of the heat that comes with those rays.

Storm door installation is a good upgrade for your home. Storm doors offer better protection from the elements than traditional doors at some of your home’s most vulnerable points.