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How a Home Extension Works With Your Existing Lifestyle

Homeowners choose to add onto their homes for a variety of reasons. While increasing resale value or planning for new children are common, you may simply want to maintain your lifestyle. Here are four ways home extensions work with your existing way of life.

1. You Have Your Commute Down Pat

Like most people, you are a person of habit. If you are fortunate, you live within a few minutes of where you work. Even if you don’t, when you leave for work, you have rituals you go through. Maybe you stop at the same coffee shop each morning or carpool with colleagues, if so, you may not want to change your everyday commute.

2. Your Children Are in the Right School District

As you probably know, not all school districts offer excellent educational opportunities for your children. If your kids are in the right school system, some home extensions probably make more sense than relocating to a different school district.

3. Your Family Lives Close

If you have aging parents, close siblings or other family members living near you, moving far away may not be an option. Still, your existing house may not meet your needs. By working with an experienced contractor, you can likely increase the size of your house without abandoning your family.

4. You Have Found Your Third Space

Many sociologists agree that individuals need a third place to be happy. While you have your house and your office, you also likely have a bar, restaurant, coffee shop or other place where you spend your time. If you have found your go-to spot, you may not want to move into a new neighborhood. Adding onto your home keeps you close to the third place you enjoy.

An experienced housing contractor can help you determine which home extensions are a good option for you. Fortunately, when you work with the right team, you get the house you want without giving up the lifestyle you love.