As cooler weather starts to set in, as a homeowner, your thoughts may turn to winterizing your home and preparing it for the colder months ahead. Autumn’s cooler temperatures make it a fine time to have some new home construction and renovation performed on your house that could protect it and save you money on heating bills all winter long.

Have Your Furnace Cleaned and Inspected 

You and your family will likely rely on your home’s heating system to stay warm when winter weather arrives. A sudden malfunction could be costly, so having your furnace cleaned and inspected during the fall can help identify specific issues. You may also want to speak to your furnace technician about an upgrade if your system is more than 10 years old, as outdated units may not be as efficient or too old to heat your entire home the way it used to.

Replace Old Windows 

Old or inefficient windows could cause your home to lose a great deal of heat over the winter. While new home construction often includes energy-efficient windows and glass, you may have windows in a few rooms that could use upgrading. Attic windows can be a main source of heat loss, so consider having them replaced with windows that allow the sun’s rays in but trap warmth so you can take advantage of sunny winter days and run your heater less often.

Upgrade Insulation

Your home’s insulation can be vital for keeping every room warm all winter long. If attic insulation is old or your roof experienced a recent leak, consider having it checked for water damage and replaced if any is found. The older your home’s insulation, the higher your heating bill may be.

Renovating your home for the fall can help you lower heating bills and warm your home with more efficiency. Contact a home renovation specialist for more information and to discover how a few simple upgrades can keep you and your family comfortable during the cold winter months.