Five Steps For Choosing a Contractor for Your Home Additions

Home additions can be an exciting time for a household, but the right contractor can make or break the project. How do you make sure you’re hiring the right contractor when undertaking such a large expansion? These five steps can help you with the decision.


  • Have a Design In Mind


Knowing what you want before you go looking for a contractor will likely save you time. With a specific design, you can do a more targeted search for professionals with experience building the kind of structure you want.


  • Know Your Budget


Cost is obviously an important consideration for projects as big as home additions. Knowing how much money you have to work with will help you determine the project budget with the contractor.


  • Set a Timeframe


Large construction projects can interrupt daily life, so it’s good to have a general timeframe for how long you’re willing to be inconvenienced. A timeframe will also help you select a contractor who has the right availability.


  • Find a Specialist


While a general contractor may be able to handle projects like this, it’s better to find a specialist with experience in building home additions. Specialists are likely to better understand regulations, permits required and best materials to use. They may also offer advice on where to cut costs and where to invest.


  • Evaluate Contractor’s Past Work


Perhaps the most vital step is evaluating a contractor’s past work. You can do this by looking for customer testimonials on the company’s website or asking the contractor for references from previous customers. You should try to visit home additions that the contractor has just completed too. Be sure to inquire about how the project delivered on deadlines and budget.

Home additions are likely to encounter some unforeseen events, but these steps can help you hire the right contractor from the beginning, so your project can go as smoothly as possible.