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Unify Your Space By Updating Ceiling, Trim and Molding

There are many tricks that designers use to achieve a cohesive flow and create a calm, welcoming environment in your home. Decorating with complementary color palettes, choosing just a few kinds of flooring and using furniture or rugs to define space can all help to connect and integrate the rooms in your house. However, even small, detail-oriented updates like changing the colors of the ceiling, trim and molding, can have an outsized effect on your household.

In much the same way that identical flooring can unify otherwise diverse spaces, using the same ceiling paint in every room can help your interior design flow, even if color palettes or furniture are markedly different from room to room. With this necessary adaptability in mind, most owners choose to paint their ceiling a white or neutral shade. Though undeniably the safe choice, white is also a good one because it is easy to obtain, easy to maintain and often costs slightly less than more vivid hues. Most important, soft neutrals or whites act as unobtrusive backdrops for all the color and furniture in your home.

Painting or refurnishing your trim and molding is another easy and relatively inexpensive way to tie your interior design together and create a cohesive design scheme. Trim comes in a dizzying array of colors and layouts. If you prefer lavish patterns or brilliant pops of color, picking out the perfect trim with a contractor or interior designer isa great way to stamp the room with your personality. Remember, though, that ideally your moldings and trim will stay consistent from room to room,unifying your space and making it more comfortable to inhabit.

It is possible to spend thousands of dollars on the interior of your house. However, calling in professionals to make a few small and inexpensive updates can be surprisingly effective. Touching up your ceiling, trim and molding, whether with classic white or in a more adventurous color, can quickly unify and refresh your home.